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Monday, August 1, 2011

Unique elegant demeanour in floral dress One of the fashion key words in the first half of 2011:floral bloom

You can get the special flavor of young ladies from floral dress, sweet and elegant. In any season, floral dress will double your beauty. Any kind of chiffon floral skirt or floral dress may make you own elegance and beauty as sunshine.

Undoubtedly, floral dress is almost everywhere ,it can hardly be ignored by us and even superstars. No matter the general floral dresses, the cute floral bodysuits, or the attractive floral mini skirts. Review in the first half of 2011, did you spend any money on the floral stuff?
Although without complicated design and meticulous clipping, this regular coral dress with short sleeved,made of real silk, feels soft and graceful and the floral pattern looks lively bright and beautiful.
Floral print, always considered normal in public memories, can also become unique and excellent when printed on the jumpsuit. Cute long floral jumpsuit matched with narrow brim hat, drives floral looking to be multivariant at this season.
Compared with the popular countryside style before, floral dress at this season has a kind of french freedom and romance. Floral off shoulder shirt perfectly matched with jeans, as if you can smell the culture breath over the left bank of Seine from this picture.
Brilliant floral mini shirt really can lead the fashion trend. Want to be easy and trendy? No doubt that floral dress may be the best choice for you.
Do girls in this kind of dressing really look like famous stars? Obviously.the combination of Retro rubber boots and bordeaux bags makes this kind of dress look more fresh and bright.The special points of this kind of dress lie in the jasmine and the oriented floral print, yong lady falbala matched with small hat,perfectly good.
This kind of sweet dress can also suit young ladies very well. Girls can show their beautiful long legs in the short dress. Short floral dress also looks good if matched with leisure canvas shoes.
Compared with the former floral dress, this kind of combination makes you look like an IT girl. Leisure leather pantshoes can make up for a good figure.Short floral dress looks cute. The deep color and short style makes you look more white.
Though there is not too much change in the design, you can get very different feelings from this combination. A young and fresh feeling doubles. The grass green shoes are also very attractive and cute.
Fantastic retro countryside design! Accessories all over her body are so fresh. The associative perception is very strong. No extrodinary shinning spots makes this kind of dress more successful, off shoulder design make you look pretty young and sexy.
Floral dress of shallow green presents us a fresh and sweet feeling.and the added Floral print increasing the charm of girls can easily show the female soft charming side. It is a safe solution to wear a waistbelt which can hide your belly. If matched with the trendy leather pantshoes, the floral dress will be awesome.


  1. Great looks!!
    Lovely flowers <33


  2. Love these floral prints! They are definitely "it girl" looks!