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Thursday, June 2, 2011

I have no idea about savage beauty

Do you know savage beauty? Or have you ever heard of savage beauty? Previously,I've never know something about that. Today,I know savage beauty on someone's blog.Yes,it's very interesting.

I know it shows us a kind of culture but it is really so special, because it seems that I've never seen this style fashion show.Seeing the shoes,when I read this picture I remember another pair:

It is Roman Long Tassel Light Grey Sandals,of course from romwe website. When I first saw this one I had no idea,but when I savage beauty picture I remembered these sandals:))))))))

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New stuff

Romwe offers  new arrivals almost every day. We show chic,retro and vintage styles here,including clothes,accessories and jewelry. There are so many beautiful things and everybody can find something for themselves here.We will do our best to give the details(size,colours,etc) about our products.These are some new stuff in Accessories:
           NAME:Rinse PU Leather Green Bag

NAME:Retro Floral Pink Blue Shoulder Bag
COLOURS: Pink blue,Ink blue,Khaki

One Size:
Bottom Width:13cm

NAME:Floral Diamond Light Green Bag
COLOURS:Light pink,Light green,Pink red

One Size:
Bottom Length:30cm

NAME: Retro Sutured Green Shoulder Bag
COLOURS: Green,Watermelon red
Bottom Width:26cm
Max Shoulder Strap Length:129cm

NAME: Classical Pierced Lace Black Cusp Shoes
EURO 35/37
US 4/6
UK 2.5/4.5

Retro Green Polka Dots Shoulder Bag(red)