Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ready to Rock Romwe Fashion Vests,girls?

Hey, girls, how are you today? I can't wait to share some cool vests with you. Casual, fashionable, it is your decision. :)

We know black is always a pop color and  never out of style. 
If you are thinking go with a casual street look with a hand-free vest is a good idea. ROMWE’s Vest/Basic collection gives you a large range of goods to choose. A fun black and white look, casual enough for day but can easily be taken from day to night as well.

Because this top is a vest, if you're going to go loose on the bottom, best to go with something you can tuck it into to give yourself some shape. Or wear this with skinny jeans or leggings, or a cute short mini.

HaHa~Shocked by the prints of vests<3? Which is your favorite? 
Rock it right now, show your own cool style and just to be yourself, my fashion friends.

Please check out Romwe to see more you love.

KissesHave a nice day, my fashion friends. :)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Romwe ❤ Fashionable Maxi Dresses❤, ❤?

Hello, girls! How was your day? 
I think we all have nice maxi dresses in our wardrobe.They are for a casual day or dressed up for a night out. For this post, I chose several elegant maxi dresses from Romwe to show how easily and how inexpensively they can be updated.
I just want you to create the most beautiful outfits in this colorful season:) 

How about Romwe maxi dresses? Which one you love<3?
Hope you like it! Have a nice day!


Sunday, April 13, 2014

❤Romwe Fashionable iPhone 5/5S Cases❤

Hello darling! How is your weekend? Today’s post is very special. I want to leave you quick look about a collection of Romwe iPhone 5/5s.
Romwe 3D print iPhone 5/5S cases give your iPhone the maximal protection, protect your mobile phone from dust, shock, scratches and other daily damages.
So, hope you like it! Have a great day and lots of love!

Where you can find so many models at very good prices@Romwe?
Love Sailor Moon, Dior, or Monster? Would you please tell me which is your favorite, my fashion friends?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

❤Rock Romwe Ethnic Style Together❤

Hey, have you felt the ethnic trendy look this season, my friends?
Ethnic styles are becoming very fashionable today. This popularity stems from their exotic and intricate designs, versatility, variety, elegance and flexibility.
This new arrived 2014 SS collection featuring many ethnic elementsThey are not only perfect for any occasion, but go along well with anything. Whether on a beach outing, at a party, in the office, or even formal occasion,with which you can go a boho, hippie look or any causal & chic style:)
Because of their loose-fitting and flowing design, they suit any body size or shape. Whether one is a size 10 or a size 4, these women’s tops will surely provide elegance and style.

Love<3? All is designed for the one who owns a free soul and enjoys all kind of joy in life: music, party, trip, whatever.
It is worth checking out Romwe to see more details, my fashion friends, don't miss it!

Have a nice weekends (*^__^*) !

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

❤Romwe 'Geek' Chic T-Shirt 63% OFF, limited supply, 24h only!


How’s everything going recently,my fashion friends?

You must be very familiar with Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. When talking about them,you must come up with a word-Geek. In dictionary, geek refers to a person who is preoccupied with or very knowledgeable about computing. It is high time that we redefined the meaning of geek. Nowadays, a geek should be a man pursuing the ultimate not only in computing but in dressing.

To pursue the perfection, we launch a new product-Geek Print Grey T-shirt. With a “geek” topped, it overshades any other T-shirts of this summer.The color of it is gray which goes well with not only your denim shorts or pants, but also your skirts or leggings. Wearing it, you will feel comfortable because it is the most soft T-shirt I have ever met. It is a T-shirt that you deserve.

Good news is that this ‘Geek’ shirt is on big sale at 1:00am GMT 10th April.
How about sharing this great news with your lovely fans on your Facebook, Instagram or blog, etc as soon as possible?Of course, everything is well :))) but feel free to change anything to fit your own style !


Love this chic style,right:)? Don't be hesitated.Free shipping worldwide!

Of course,it will be shipped within 24 hours, and we are offering 60 days return policy if you are not satisfied with the T-shirt.
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Romwe Fashionable Bags Are Coming Now,READY?

How long update your wardrobe bags?
Let me guess,you must restore more than five bags for yourself,haha~right?
Considering so many young bag lovers,I'm super excited to have time to share some unique bags with fashion girls,because they are not only suitable for working or dating out,but catch the spotlight among the crowd:)
Please, feel 100% yourself in these kind of Romwe sets.

Featuring suit shape and a crossbody chain strap, it looks fabulous with a pretty cocktail dress.
Please,throw away all the dullness, and arm your party outfit with this super cool bag. 

Blue bag, made leather-look fabric, pin buckle belt detail, press stud fastening, a short strap and a long adjustable strap.
If you love to sort out things,resort it right now.

Bag, featuring a black, leather design, croc texture detailing, double handled strap with oversized handstrap links.
Show your dynamic working style with this simple and fashion bag.

Dark red bag, featuring a handle, a detachable and adjustable strap, box style and inner zip design.
Try the red color,steal the spotlight at your prom party. 

Black bag, made leather-look fabric, two short straps, back zippered pocket, spacious inner compartment, a contrasting lining, inner zippered pocket and small pocket. 
Simple but multifunctional  inner structure,want to see more?



Check out the following link to see more you love!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Romwe Perfect designs by bloggers:)

Hey,have you known Romwe blogger design,my friends?
Now,I will tell you something about Romwe blogger design.Blogger Club is set by Romwe for bloggers who have practical design idea.It is place for bloggers'ideas into reality.
Heartbeat? If you are interested and happy to get our invite,you will join in the blogger club.
Fashionable,elegant,or cool?These designs below are all of the members of blogger club.
Please share your unique designing feelings with us:)


Off-shoulder Tied Black Dress 

As for me,getting dressed and putting thought into each look really allows me to get creative. And being creative is one of the things that I love the most.Also it is stunning to make a glamorous and fashion style statement in these super special designs:)
If you want to see more unique designs, Please check out Romwe.
Ready to go,girls<3?