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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Right Now, Romwe Is Starting to Offer Faster Free Shipping Worldwide!

3~7 days in most countries like US, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, etc.
Romwe does our best to provide The Latest High Street Fashion for you !

It has been only two years since Romwe started to provide the Latest Street Fashion Online. April Xie is the CEO of Romwe, and David Lee is the COO, who is April ‘s husband. April Xie was perplexed a lot by a serious trouble from the beginning of founding the company. That is how to satisfy customers’ need for faster free shipping worldwide.

Their customers love Latest High Street Fahion so much that they want to get their parcels asap. Romwe has been followed by a lot of fans within one year on,,,, etc. and,,, etc.

While, what does bring inconvenience to the customers is the delivery. If the customer chooses free shipping, it takes 15-30 days in most countries. That is really a long time. The customer has to pay a lot if she chooses DHL or Fedex. In order to solve the problem and save money for their lovely customers as much as possible, April Xie looked into all the logistics company in Hongkong only to find that no logistics company can make it. After communicating and negotiating for several months, April Xie was in despair.

Meanwhile, David Lee who is good at analyzing data found a new way to solve the problem after calculating very carefully, which is that Romwe cooperates with the post office in every country directly instead of cooperating with logistics companies. For example, Romwe cooperates with USPS in North America directly, with Roral Mail Group in UK and some European countries, with HERMES in Germany, with GREEN CARGO in Sweden. What is more, Romwe sets up a mini external warehouse in UK and US.

In this way, thousands of parcels can be mailed to the post office in every country directly via a specil air link line in Hongkong, then the parcels are ready for delivery by the local post office.

Even though the new shipping way increases the management cost and labor cost, the fees for shipping doesn’t increase at all. April Xie said:” We are trying our best to save money for our customers as along as we can bear. We are here to face financial crisis with all customers all over the world.”

Romwe manages to shorten the delivery time in most countries after updating the center of logistics and reforming the operating method for 3 months. David Lee said that it will be faster in some countries along with optimizing the process. Here is the result of the new shipping way.

ROMWE is a global online Latest High Street Fashion retailer and offers over 10,000 branded and own label product lines across women's wear, footwear, accessories and jewellery with approximately 1,000 new product lines being introduced each week. High Quality and Lowest Price, Romwe try our best to save costing for global fashion lovers.

The editor's pick

The first wave of ROMWE's own design will come out overall on 17th October, 2011. From today, the editor will put forward a new product recommendation everyday till all the pieces are unveiled.

recommendation 1: Denim jacket stitching. Splicing is undoubtedly one of the most popular elements this year. washed denim with handsome short section of zipper design, is totally the MUST HAVE product in 2011.

recommendation 2: High Waist Leggings. High-waisted uniforming leggings last popular from late summer to winter, but with many reactions of high-waist style being too small, so ROMWE releases the elastic rendering Series thoughtfully. High elastic cotton fabric helps you solve the size problem apart from giving you a favorite SINGLE product. 

recommendation 3: Russian cap. Do you still remember the cap whirlwind caused by FRIDA? ROMWE will warm your 2011 by combining the popular style last year with a little boyish elements.

All the new products will be shown on 17th October, 2011.