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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Romantic lace wedding dress in full bloom_Retro utmost luxury

Do you like them?

Friday, April 1, 2011

Little thing is everything!

Hey ladies, here are our some accessories! They are very beautiful, just looking at them will make you happy, do you think so? 
                     Retro Palace Horse Long Necklace

                     Retro Telephone Long Necklace

                     Retro Peacock Necklace

                     Retro Palace Necklace

                     Shinning Birds Short Necklace

                     Heart Leopard Long Necklace


                                 Lovely Bunny Silvery Ring


       Bohemia Style Snake Ring

                  Romantic February Pisces Ring

                  Cool Green Ring

                  Shinning Peacock Earring

                  Bowtie Heart Leopard Earring

                  Colorful Peacock Bracelet

                  Retro Flowers Bracelet

                                Lovely and Shinning Birds Brooch

                Peace Dove Brooch

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bloggers' fashion show!

Hey ladies, here are some of our bloggers! They are so beautiful, do you like them?

Dark Blue Shivering Retro Skirt For $41.00


Black Rivet Retro Style Fur Outwear For $98.00

Hook Hollow Sleeveless Knitted Dress, it was 

sold out, only for look!


Leopard Button Chiffon Striped Retro T-shirt For 


Off Shoulder Pockets T-shirt For $49.90

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New arrivals - sandals!

Hey ladies, we have some new arrivals - sandals! 
The style of cross-strap is very simple and lovely.

This style is very beautiful.Design is very special.Back 
heel zip and same color strap of the zip.

The style of cross-strap is very simple and lovely.

Upper wraps your feet beautifully.

Very eye-catching fluorescence green elastic band 
splices patent leather.

Very eye-catching fluorescence pink elastic band 
splices patent leather.

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