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Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Hippie Man Wearing "Tattoo"

    I am Wang Ye, also, you can call me Demon. I am a store visual merchandiser.

    There is star in it which is my favorite pattern.. The hand-drawn deer is awesome with the lethality eyes. Something like one of my tattoo.

            The coat. The silhouette is great. When dressing it, it will keep in a good shape. It suits for any feague. 

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

THIS IS PRINT—Tattoo Collection

    “It’s about my complex of DESIGN IN CHINA. There are lots of beauties around us, I want to make it on clothes in a fashion way, and show them to the world.”——April Xie

    “LOVE” has no borders. “爱” means love, is the traditional Chinese Characters. Chinese is a kind of hieroglyphic. So in “爱”, there is a Chinese character “心”(which means heart). It’s so true that love base on the heart.

    Another pattern is phoenix. Whether in western or eastern culture, there is legend about Phoenix Nirvana, a new lease of life. I think this is quite describable no matter from individual angel or from the entire industry’s current state.
    There are 7 people in the TATAOO SeriesSeven is an acceptable and funny number. These seven people are 80 or 90 generation in China, quite representing the younger generation of Chinese. The world can find the change of this new generation from them, who are steadfast while dare to pursuit.
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