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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Top blogger Looks of the week,by le fashion

1. Elin of Style by Kling – I am on the hunt for the perfect pair of silk trousers a la Céline- Elin’s are perfection!
2. Josephine of Summer Listen – Perfect example of how a dark bag, shades + even lip color can give such a light look an edge.
3. Rebecca of Fashion Infusion – love the mix of all these textures!
4. Carolina of Fashion Squad – her classic look was brought to another level by adding those cool bootie sandals + her leopard clutch.
5. Caroline of Caroline’s Mode - I would have never thought to add a camo jacket- I am def now on the hunt for one!
6. Preetma of The Working Girl, Esq. – dying over her Balenciaga vest!
7. Isabella of The Pile of Style – Her look is too cute! The pink jacket is my favorite.


  1. they look awesome!!


  2. Great style and wonderful inspiration!

    p.s. Have just ordered my first Romwe item- very excited that it is on its way.

  3. they look amazing! I think they look like models

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