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Friday, April 22, 2011

A Sea Of Blue

Intense blues make a serious splash for spring/summer 2011. Rippling silks and slippery satins, drenched in oceanic hues, flowed throughout the collections.
Bring a subtlety to bold blue by partnering it with black. A glossy black belt or bag, or silky black blouse will soften the impact of powerful cobalt.
A touch of bright coral makes a gorgeous accent shade.
Lively yet ladylike, blue is the go-to shade for carrying vibrant colour into the workplace. 


  1. it's lovely how you showcased these blue pieces off the runway. now that i think about it i don't think i own anything true blue.. i'll have to find something now!

  2. You made me wanna buy cobalt blue clothes ! I love the pics you displayed...especially the leopard dress, wow =) Very nice blog !

  3. I love the colour!!!

  4. it'a very beautiful colour!! looks perfect!!
    I was wearing blouse in this colour some posts ago on my blog! check it out if you want :)

    You have a cute clothes!! :)

    all the best!

  5. oh my, what delightful colors! :) my favorites are the 6th and 7th photos. (: It's weird because these colors make me feel totally the opposite of blue. Hahah, anyways though.. thanks for the lovely comment, and yay for the new follow! (: I am truly grateful. Fab blog, and I can't wait for your next post!

    xoxo Tami at

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